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The environment is one of the most important factors for living beings. We as responsible humans at surface international believe that it’s very important to keep the surrounding areas clean and dust-free. So for the same we manufacture and supplies best blasting machines which have dust collectors with them. We are among the top and leading dust collectors manufacturers in India.

List Of Dust Collectors

Mentioning below some of the dust collectors which we have in our company:

  • Reverse pulse jet type dust collector
  • Cartridge type dust collector
  • Cyclone type dust collector
  • Fabric bag dust collectors

Details Of Product

Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

We believe that it’s very important to choose the most appropriate design and size of a dust collector which is essential to carry up the efficient working in shoot blasting system. Dust collectors are very important for each of the industries to make a suitable choice for dust collectors.

Surface International is the manufacturer and dust collectors suppliers around India. Our dust collectors are built with durable and high-quality bodies. The designs and size of the dust collectors are constructed according to the desire of a client. Each of our machines which we manufacture for the blasting process specifically has a dust collector to collect all the contaminants and fine particles into it.

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Details Of Dust Collector

  • Durable Performance
  • Excellent Outcomes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Prepared with Best material
  • Magnificently puts up with all the grime in the industrial area.
  • Deep cleaning of equipment and metals.
  • Widely used by woodworkers as in this work, the harmful airborne dust is essential to remove rigorously.
  • Purify the air by removing the tiniest and heaviest dust particle from it
  • Also used for grinding, machining, school, shops, printing, welding, auto body, etc.


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Our designs are tailored made that perfectly parallel with all requirements and specifications being laid down by our customers. Our array of machine mainly subsumes the automatic solutions.