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Fabric bag dust collectors are a kind of dust filter bag that is manufactured and supplied by surface international, one of the leading companies of manufacturing and supplying different modern machines for construction and cleaning processes in different industries. We are the Fabric Bag Dust Collector Manufacturers for industrial use.

We provide our fabric bag for collecting dust at very affordable prices all around India. We believe that providing essential care to the environment is very necessary.

So we focus on designing, even more sophisticated designs of dust collectors. And we focus on minimizing the harmful effects of finer particulates from different industries, to be collected only in different dust chambers, which are released while their operations are going on.



Details Of Product

Advantages of Fabric Bag Dust Collector

We develop an easy to maintain the model of fabric dust bag collectors. Our Dust bag design will beat all of the competitors. The bag and which the desktop collected are flexible to be removed. Our dust collector is constructed with some specific filters and compressed air and energy to settle down the finer and bigger dust particles.

If you are opting for our manufactured fabric dust bag collectors to keep your industry safe and secure then there will be no complaints regarding the environmental legislation. We focus on environmental safety and our manufactured dust collector will continuously process in your plant.

We provide and we are the most sophisticated fabric dust bag collectors suppliers in India around India. Our products are easy to operate and durable. We focus on longevity designs and automated machines, as dust collectors are vital.

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Specifications Of Fabric Bag Dust Collector

  • High intensity
  • Made up by using premium quality material
  • Great finishing treatment
  • Superlative anti-abrasion
  • Available at competitive prices
  • High filtration process
  • Customized sizes