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Surface International stands at the forefront of innovation in surface preparation technology. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been on a remarkable trajectory of growth, guided by the visionary leadership of Mr. Yogesh Maheshwari, the CEO. With a mechanical engineering background and a rich 35-year experience spanning marketing, design, manufacturing, and management in the engineering sector, Mr. Maheshwari has been instrumental in steering the company to new heights.

Specializing in a comprehensive array of surface preparation methods, Surface International expertly brings abrasive materials into contact with various surfaces. The company excels in two primary techniques: the centrifugal propulsion method, known as wheel blasting, and the pneumatic propulsion method, referred to as air blasting.

Under Mr. Maheshwari’s expert guidance, Surface International has significantly contributed to the construction industry with its advanced solutions. The company’s portfolio now proudly includes the Shot Blasting Machine, Sand Blasting Machine, Airless Shot Blasting Machine, Shot Peening Machine, and Blast Room System. Each of these products is designed with precision and caters to the diverse needs of modern construction practices. Surface International’s commitment to quality and innovation positions it as a leader in its field, continuously setting new standards in surface preparation technology.

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    The elongate experience of 25 years in this industry has made us the prominent Shot Blasting Machine manufacturers of this field.

    The noted manufacturers and suppliers, Surface International is specialized in offering the preeminent range of advanced blasting and peening solutions subsuming all sorts of machines in it.

    • Air Operated Machine
    • Blast Room Systems
    • Paint Booth Systems
    • Dust Collectors
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