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Surface International is one of the leading machine producing and supplying companies in India. We have a wide range of blasting machines and dust collecting machines. There are a lot many advantages of our manufactured machine. We focus on eco-friendly machines and try to build each of the machines with dust collecting chambers to keep the environment safe.

Advantages of cyclone dust collector

Our cyclone dust collectors are designed to capture the contaminants and debris which are created by the machine functioning. We are modern cyclone dust collector manufacturers. Cyclone dust collectors have huge bags in which the debris and chips are collected. The process of emptying the primarily collected contaminants is easy with the help of the introduction of bags. To make the separation work easy we have also introduced some filters in the collecting chambers.

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Working of cyclone dust collector

Our model is modern and has a two-stage dust collector. Our dust collector model has two stages to collect debris and dust separately. The primary portion of the collector will collect heavier contaminants and debris while the second one will focus on the finer particular and matters to be collected on its surface. Our designed collectors have Centrifugal forces in operation. The functioning utilities centrifugal force to separate the particles. The air flows are directed towards the downward portion. The Air Force directed the larger particles into the first collecting point and then the remaining are run in airflow on the second filter point.

We are the trustworthy modern cyclone dust collectors suppliers in India and along with this we also supply different kinds of dust collectors and blasting machines.

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Details Of Cyclone type Dust Collector

  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance with rotating or no moving parts
  • Long life
  • High separation efficiency
  • Enhanced performance as the design is based on applications exclusively
  • Easy replacement with the removable cone section
  • Require less floor space with the small footprints.
  • Best used to solve any sort of dust collection issues
  • Excellent for product recovery, highest temperature, and great dust load applications
  • Best to use when dirt particles are heavy in size
  • Used to lower down the dust load on fabric filter and hence enhance their life.