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Surface international dust collectors survive longer than any other company dust collector model. We focus on eco-friendly models and easy-to-operate models for each of our manufacturing machines. We provide proper detailed instructions regarding our machine. We manufacture the best Reverse plus jet type dust collectors that are being highly used in different industries for collecting different side assist particles. We are the reverse plus jet type dust collectors suppliers everywhere in India. We use high technology and the most durable raw materials to build dust collectors. Our constructed raw material will avoid getting chunks and rust on the body of the dust collector.

We focus on corrosion-free materials and built the most durable and effective reverse plus jet type dust collectors. The reverse plus processing helps the industry to organise deep cleaning in horizontal or vertical bags. We believe that it’s necessary to collect all the Grimm’s from industries to keep the environment safe. So, for this task is manufactured reverse plus jet type dust collector is very helpful.

Details Of Product

Working of reverse plus jet type dust collector

There is a large metal cage that is covered by filter bags to collect the dust. Our dust collectors are in the shape of the bag-house. So, whenever the polluted air enters the bag, the filter of the bag sieves and releases the final fresh and clean air out after its treatment. A timer is also installed in our machinery which gives appropriate signals to the valves.

Surface international not only supply but are the leading reverse jet type dust collectors manufacturers in India. We supply these large dust collectors and install them in most of the industry which regularly works on dust-producing operation.

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Details Reverse Pulse Jet type Dust Collector

  • Robust Construction
  • Smooth and Superlative Performance
  • Trouble Free Operations
  • Widely used to remove dust from the areas where a heavy amount of dust is produced every day.
  • Used in several industries subsuming, Pharmaceuticals, Activated Carbon, Rubber, Ceramics, Wood Dust, Food Processing, Chemicals, etc.