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Surface International is one of the manufacturing and supplying technology for different machines. There are different machines which are manufactured by our company. We deliver each overproduced machine to the dealers whenever and wherever they require. One of our introduced electric coke injection machines is one of the very useful construction equipment. We are the trustworthy coke injection machines suppliers. The weight of our machine ranges from 10 – 100kg. We are manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of different construction equipment and blasting machines.

Our coke machine is highly used in steel alloy companies. We have built construction equipment with automatic grade. There is some warranty time 4 our manufactured machinery. Our Coke injection machine is highly useful in spraying concrete techniques. We manufacture this machine with the best quality components available in the market. We have introduced some of the advanced technology and techniques in our machinery. We offers very affordable price to our clients for each of the machinery.

Details Of Product

Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

Generally, this machine is used in industries and we develop this machine by using different metals.We manufacture eco-friendly machines. We are the coke injection machines manufacturer in India which have a storage capacity of 1-2 metre cube cock. There is a total of three Load Cells in our manufactured machine and there are different variable drive units in our machine. There is a PLC controller which provides feed rates of coke. Like our introduced gunning machine this coke injection machine also has a rotor.

To maintain our integrity towards the environment we have a dust collector which provides care towards the environment. All of the dust generated because of coke is collected into the dust collector and gives the environment friend behaviour.

Details Of Product

Specifications Of Coke Injection Machine

  • Low Weight Machine.
  • Sturdy Construction.
  • Used top class material from credible suppliers only.
  • Long lasting performance.
  • High operational efficiency.
  • Safe to use.
  • Superior functionality.
  • Hassle free operations.