Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In India

What is the Design and Development of Shot Blasting Machine?

Surface International specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge surface preparation technologies. We manufacture and supply a wide range of Shot Blasting Machine for general or specific blasting applications across industries that demand the most precise methods of surface preparation. As one of the leading Shot blasting machine Manufacturer, we are offering wheel as well as air blast equipment for industrial applications that withstand the most rugged and harsh environments.

We have a full range of blasting solutions and equipment that will smoothly fit into your manufacturing line. We collaborate with our clients to create best-in-class solutions that promote operational efficiency and boost profitability. Because of our unique abrasive dispersion throughout the work surface, our shot blast machines provide unrivaled performance, resulting in reduced cleaning times, high volume output, and cost-effective performance.

Leading Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In Jodhpur, India!

We will to use a machine for the shot blasting process. This is basically closed equipment with unique designs for cleaning and preparing metal stone and another textured surface. Different purposes are filled by our manufacture machine.

Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers In India

Centrifugal force in a shot blasting machine!

A blasting machine uses a centrifugal wheel to propel abrasive on the surface of any metal. Also, it uses centrifugal force to control the blast spinning pattern in a certain direction. The abrasive short blast wheels have a flow rate of 2100 rounds per minute. We are one of the top Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers, who have the solution, expertise, know-how, and technical skills to build world-class products for serving your specific applications.

We can deliver technologically advanced and custom Shot Blasting Machine that meets your demands, application, specifications, and budget thanks to our global engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Now, no more spending time on fabrication, packaging, and delivery; we always keep stock of shot blasting machines for the immediate needs of our clients from various countries.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In India

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Details Of Shot Blasting Machine

  • Low Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Optimized Process Safety
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Shot Blasting
  • CI & Steel Castings
  • MS & SS Fabricated Components
  • Heat Treated Components
  • Non-ferrous Castings
  • Reconditioned valves and Marble & Granite


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Our designs are tailored made that perfectly parallel with all requirements and specifications being laid down by our customers. We are the most prominent Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India. Our array of machine mainly subsumes the automatic solutions.

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