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A mixture of cement or concrete is important to take for carrying out different construction work. At Surface International, we have high equipped grouting machine which carries out all mixing of concrete in all desired manners. We are manufacturer and Electric Grout Pumps Suppliers. Our electric pumps are a type of high-quality and powerful pump for grout mixing. There are outlets and inlet slots in our machine.  The Inlet slot of our machine is connected with an outlet pipe. There is a preparation tank in our grout machine.

Our machine has a pressure gauge that maintains the outlet slot pressure and allows desired mix component to move out of the outlet slot.

Constructor industries or construction work required different amounts of mixture for work. So we have a selection for you. You can choose for grouting machine as per the requirements of desired mixed output and pressure in the grouting.

Details Of Product

Places where electric grout are used

  • Our grout machine will be helpful in all kinds of commercial and residential construction works.
  • Our grout machine helps to fill all kinds of voids.
  • It’s built with an electric motor so very easy to use at any place.
  • Grouts are a mixture of sand, water and cement with chemicals that fills gaps in different parts.

We are an Electric Grout Pumps Manufacturer In India, which could be used as filler for different gaps and door twists. There are different types of grout machines; we have a Pump with geared motors.  All grout motor is strong enough and can lift up-many heavy concrete slabs. We provide a reliable grout service machine.

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Specifications Of Electric Grout Pumps

  • Sturdy construction
  • Great self-priming rate
  • The high suction lift which is good in high vacuum conditions
  • Steady pumping
  • Resistant from quick breakdowns
  • Easy availability of spare parts
  • Used to pump bentonite, ultrafine cement, cement, non-shrink grouts, cement/sand, self-leveling, fireproofing, metallic grouts, plaster, packed grout mixes, etc.
  • Great solution to pump solid or abrasive laden material
  • Pumps repair mortars and heavily sanded grouts
  • Spray mortar by using air compression
  • Widely used in mining shafts and construction sites where operation or access or transportation is not easy.