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Surface international one of the leading machine manufacturer and supplier company has introduced refractory gunning machines. Our this introduced machinery is very helpful in repairing furnaces in hot and cold conditions. Our machines are produced in different sizes.  We are the largest refractory gunning machines supplier. Manufactured sizes of our machine are useful in repairing electric arc furnaces in different conditions. Our machine has a remote control system, injection nozzles, refractive gunning nozzles, and vibrating silo.

Uses of refractory gunning machine

We manufacture two models of refractory running machine one are D-3R and another one is D-6R with two different output ranges. Industries can use our machine for different purposes, like this machine is also useful in the molten metal process. Specifically, this machine could be used for making alloy steel in different industries. Our machine is very helpful in slag application in steel units. Our machine is one of the widely used machines for repairing electric arc furnace AOD and VOD.

Details Of Product

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We are the leading Refractory Gunning Machines Manufacturer In India for different industries projects like steel plant and cement projects.  There are a lot of many applications of our manufactured machines like used to spray different masses on an area with an air gun. The main purpose of using our machinery is you can use it for patching and proper maintenance of the furnace.

Mainly our manufactured machine is used in iron and steel industries for repairing purpose. Our machine has different designs and it has made construction work easy in different areas.  We deliver Different kinds of products which are used in construction and industry works.

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Details Of Refractory Gunning Machine

  • High Constructional Efficiency
  • High Flexibility
  • Lower Maintenance Required
  • Customization Options
  • Performance Guaranteed
  • Wide Array of Models and Variants
  • Widely used in several areas such as construction, plastics, ceramics, glass, refractory, stone, etc.
  • Best to use for repairing purposes like electric arc furnace, VOD, AOD etc.
  • Furnaces can be repaired by these machine in hot conditions as well
  • Used in making alloy steel by injecting coke in a molten metal bath
  • In Steel Melting Units, these are applied to foamy slag applications.