Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine – A Brief Guide For You

The advent of various new equipment to facilitate more efficient production is inextricable from the growth of the modern Tumblast blasting machine business. As an illustration, consider the shot-blasting machine.

Finding a suitable shot-blasting machine is possible from the many options available. In this blog post, however, we’ll focus on the Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine. The tumble blast design of the tumble shot blast machines used in factories has been the most effective method of removing rust and burrs off millions of mass production parts for decades. Shot blasting of small, bulk-loaded items is ideally suited to tumblast shot blasting devices.

The Tumblast Machine: What Is It?

The Rotary Barrel Type Shot Blasting Machine is used for surface preparation and final polishing. Since these shot-blasting machines are so reliable and productive, they are in high demand across various sectors.

Sand and dust are removed from welded components, aluminum, and other non-ferrous parts using this method. Tumble proof components can be cleaned thoroughly with this cleaning machine. The load capacity of a typical machine is 150 KG, which is more than enough to hold SS shots.

Its portability and intuitive layout make it a breeze to use. Tumbling occurs in the shot-making machine, where the work is continuously transported throughout the machine to ensure thorough cleaning of the interior and any crevices.

Use Cases:

  • Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in India offers a fantastic finish to the surface of components, removing the burr, scale, and rust;
  • It is used to clean metal and non-metal; it is extensively used in industries;
  • It saves money on service charges and electricity/power usage;

Affecting Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Efficiency are the Following Factors:

Surface or metal component conditions must be eliminated, including the nature of the impurities.

  • The surface treatment’s velocity and abrasiveness.
  • The shot blaster is in good working order.
  • The particle size of the sandpaper.
  • The coarseness of the abrasive substance.
  • Exposure of metal surfaces to the environment, including changes in humidity and temperature, can cause oxidation.

Benefits of Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine:

Corrosion removal: The machines help remove rust and other corrosive substances from the surface. Corrosive deposits include rust, faded paint, chemical stains, heat treatment scale, mill scale, etc.

Surface preparation: Metal surfaces can be made smooth and ready for painting or coating by undergoing a surface preparation process.

  • Superior adhesion between the blasted surface and the coating.
  • Exact blast patterns.
  • Future coatings will have more excellent durability and longevity as a result.
  • Helps bring out flaws in the finish.

The environment: This is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available for rust removal and surface preparation before painting or coating.

  • There was no use of any chemicals.
  • Metal surfaces are solely cleaned via an abrasion; thus, no acids or other chemicals are required.
  • Reduced operational and maintenance expenses because to shot blasting
  • Shot blasting does away with the need for harmful chemicals, increasing productivity and providing more options for abrasives and more control over blast patterns.
  • The method involves using the shot blasting machine’s powerful vacuum and dust collection equipment to remove the resulting debris.

Shot Blasting Machine Technologies:

Wheel Blasting: When an electric motor is rotated through a wheel, its mechanical energy is converted immediately into kinetic energy, which is then used to move an abrasive media pellet toward the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned by blasting. Therefore, it is considered airless because no air, liquid, or gas is used to push the abrasive material.

Air Blasting: With air blasting, abrasive material is propelled by pressurized air. Each component of the blasting chamber—the abrasive blasting pot, dust collector, and abrasive recycling system—operates in tandem to accomplish its purpose. Cleaning the surface with abrasive requires several steps, including shoveling and sweeping the abrasive back into the blast pot.

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The machine is invaluable when it comes to getting things clean and under pressure in various industries. Surface International, a fast-growing market leader in the distribution of shot-blasting machines and other construction machinery, has developed a compact and reasonably priced portable shot-blasting machine called the Tumblast. Small, self-operating blasting machines are what we specialize in creating for our customers. Surface International is one of the leading Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India.


1. Approximately how much material can a shot-blasting machine handle?

Each bare wheel can carry somewhere between 60 and 1200 kg per minute. Dust collecting systems are built into shot-blasting machines to trap and remove any minute particles, contaminants, dust particles, etc.

2. What kind of sand is often used for shot blasting?

Sandblasting sand is typically comprised of silica. Silica particles, if breathed, can become lodged in the pulmonary system, leading to potentially fatal diseases like silicosis. Lung cancer can also be brought on by breathing in silica dust.

3. How much pressure is safe when shot blasting?

The regulator can speed up or slow down media transmission. Industrial blasting is most effective at air pressures of 20 to 90 pounds per square inch (PSI). Higher PSI results in faster air velocity.

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