Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine – Ideal Combination For Metals

Before putting a primer or paint, it is beneficial to clear and roughen a smooth texture with a shot blasting device. Almost every industry that uses metal parts, including aviation, automobile, construction, manufacturing facilities, shipbuilding, railway, and numerous more, uses shot blasting equipment.
The detailed settings of the Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine are tailored to the particular situations and needs of the customer for the items.

What is a Swing Table Blasting Machine?

One or two rotating tables are utilized in a table-type shot blasting machine to load the element. It is called a swing table-type shot blasting machine since this table, which is mounted on the cabinet door, swings open to clean the component with the blasting wheel on top.
The table design can accommodate larger work elements, fragile sections with protrusions, or small parts that are frequently damaged.
To make sure the blast wheel effectively cleans the blasting surface, the table rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise. To reach the bottom of the device during shot blasting, the component must be mechanically held upside-down periodically.
The components rotate in front of and underneath the blast wheels throughout the blast cycle and are polished from various angles while the door is shut and the components are loaded.

What are a few applications for shot blasting?

The Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine is well adapted for innovative heat treatment, forging, cleaning, pro-plating, and pre-anodizing of products, alloy steel and aluminium alloy casting materials, and big to small foundry enterprises.
The Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in India offer a viable, economical option for batch washing, deburring, descaling, polishing, and peening a diverse range of items, such as:

  • Deburring of non-ferrous and ferrous objects.
  • Objects of construction and fabrications with welding.
  • Aesthetic finishing of tint part of aluminium, zinc, and alloy steels.
  • Items that have been forged with heat treatment.
  • Contaminant removal.
  • Automotive small components.
  • Die-cast metals.
  • Preparation of surfaces for protective coating.

Why is shot blasting machine favoured over other techniques?

The most common technique for washing or prepping various metal surfaces and elements is shot blasting, which can be used to prepare surfaces and components with a wide range of different types of abrasive materials.
For a variety of reasons, this mechanism has gained prominence within the industry.

  1. From moulding to clean castings, it is integrated and entirely automatic.
  2. The fact that it is ideal for cleaning, deburring, and deflash components in a completely self-contained unit is one of the key advantages.
  3. It is a solid solution because of its compact size and uncomplicated operating system.
  4. For particular applications, focused high-performance shot blasting can be designed.

What safety actions should be adopted when operating the machine?

  • You must carefully read the handbook and have a fair overview of the functioning of the Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine before using it. We offer a very comprehensive user manual. It is best not to use it casually if you are not acquainted enough.
  • The machine also has to be maintained and properly lubricated. A good maintenance routine can prolong the equipment’s useful life and minimize the expense of mechanical servicing.
  • The shot blasting machine’s maintenance schedule is adaptable. It has to do with how much time is invested in working. The staff should examine each component’s status to ensure it is in a normal state of operation each day after work if the working hours are brief.

When working intermittently on something, you should pay close attention to inspections, adjust the bolts when appropriate, and add lubricant to minimize wear and tear.

Leading Manufacturers of Shot Blasting Machines!

Surface International is the premier exporter and Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India, providing the best blasting services to a variety of clientele located all over the world.
The Surface International Machines are more solid and dependable and simple to operate than other machines because of their exquisite craftsmanship, high quality, and durable construction. They also assist in shortening the necessary production time.
In addition, we have Shot Blasting Machine of the Hanger Type. We prioritise providing high-quality goods to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The machine’s targeted market is who?
The Blaster is made for clients that need a more innovative system than simple hand cleaning in order to prep surfaces for additional processing or painting.

2. Do operators of the Shot Blaster need any special skill set?
No, when our technician has installed and configured the machine, all that is necessary to start the machine and obtain the appropriate surface finish is to switch on the dial. Additionally, maintenance is easy.

3. What materials can be cleaned using the Blasting Machine?
Blasting can be used to clean components like engine blocks, gearbox housings, head wheels, and crankshafts.

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