Shot Blasting Machine: Working Process, Methods And More!

Shot Blasting Machine is an integral part of any metal business as it cannot function without blasting machines. It gets employed in nearly every metal-using sector, including aerospace, construction, automobile, foundry, rail, shipbuilding, and many more. It helps induce resilience (also called shot peening), clean and polish metal surfaces.

Blasting has become an essential component of the metal construction and steel structure industries. The blasting serves different industrial sectors because of its versatility. There are various advantages this machine can offer across different sectors. Keep reading the blog to know more about the benefits of Shot Blasting Machine.


A Brief About Shot Blasting Machine –

The shot blasting machine removes a thin or heavy layer of the surface and impurities from metal and steel items using a mechanical way of pushing abrasive using a centrifugal wheel.

There are three main reasons why blasting is vital before finishing a product:

  • It cleans and smoothens the surfaces.
  • To increase paint adhesion roughens the metal surface of metal items.
  • Extends the life of the coating, lowering maintenance costs.

This equipment cleans the surface of completed items of undesired corrosion and metallic trash. The primary goal of using a blasting machine is to make the metal surface uniform and smoother after getting painted or otherwise treated.


The Different Methods Of Shot Blasting Machine-

The Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers In India line different methods of using shot blasting techniques. Sand is one of the most widely utilised abrasives in this blasting operation hence, also called sandblasting.

Besides sand, a variety of different materials get used for sandblasting, for example –

  • Glass beads
  • Cooled iron
  • Olivine
  • Garnet and
  • Olivine

The most distinctive materials used for polishing surfaces are glass beads and olivine.


Many Advantages That Shot Blasting Offers –

Corrosion Removal

This is the recommended method for eliminating all types of rust and corrosive compounds from metal and steel surfaces without compromising the product’s strength or leaving the base undamaged.

Environmentally Friendly

This blasting technique is one of the few available that is environmentally beneficial because-

  • Throughout the procedure, no chemicals get utilised.
  • Acids do not get employed at any point during this procedure.
  • The actual pellets are the only thing that has to get cleaned.
  • A strong vacuum and dust collection device blow away all the blasted steel or media particles.


Choose Efficient Suppliers

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