A Definitive Guide to LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

The LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is a tool used to clean the surface of LPG cylinders. The machine automatically cleans the cylinder’s surface by blasting grit material from the machine’s turbines in a restricted chamber. Cylinders get shot-blasted when they pass through the blasting chamber at the machine’s base. The cylinders are spun on the rollers as they pass through to ensure that the whole surface is cleaned.

An Overview of LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

The LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is simple to use and requires little maintenance. The operator must load and unload the cylinders on revolving diabolic rollers. To eliminate rust and corrosion and prepare the LPG cylinder’s surface for thermal coating and painting, the exterior surface of the metallic LPG Cylinder must be blast cleaned.
The Shot Blasting Machine is used to automatically clean or etch the surface of steel cylinders by blasting abrasive media like aluminum oxide, stainless steel shots, and glass beads that arise from blasting wheels. Steel LPG cylinders are shot-blasted as they pass through the blasting chamber. The cylinders rotate on the rollers as they travel through the blasting chamber, cleaning the whole surface.
The cylinder is simple to use and requires little maintenance; the operator must load and unload the cylinders on revolving diabolic rollers. The exterior surface of metallic gas cylinders must be blast cleaned to eliminate rust and corrosion, as well as to prepare for thermal coating and painting. Several LPG cylinder shot blasting machine manufacturers in India build overhead conveyor-type equipment with six blast wheels to clean the cylinders, and the cylinders are delivered to a metal spray booth on the same conveyor for metal coating after blasting.
There are various types of LPG cylinder blasting machines: The first kind is a diabolo roller conveyor, which pushes the LPG cylinder horizontally and rotates while it does so. On top of the blasting chamber, one or two blast wheels are mounted.

LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is made up of following parts:

  • A blasting chamber
  • Rotation and moving system
  • Lower cabin
  • Helical mover
  • Elevator
  • Sift & Separator
  • Dry filter unit


  • The medium shot, coarse particles, and dust are all separated.
  • Powered by a motor, a redactor, and a chain drive
  • Shift mechanical operation


  • Chain-driven buckets powered by a motor
  • Fabricated from 4 mm thick steel
  • Bearings that are completely encased

Lower Level Cabin

  • Construction is made of steel.
  • Helical carriage propelled by a motor redactor chain
  • Helical carriage transports the blasting media to the elevator

The Main Cabin

  • Three turbines are suspended from the ceiling.
  • At the entry and exit, there are wear-resistant rubber screens.
  • Cylinder rotation
  • Cylinder transfer from input to output

Dust Filtering System

  • Dust filtering
  • Additional centrifugal filtering
  • Water filter to convert dust to mud

Control Panel

  • Control buttons and indicators are provided.
  • Excellent electrical components
  • Turbine capacity monitoring
  • Pneumatic turbine output control

How does an LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine Work?

These machines work by directing a stream of abrasive shot material toward the surface to be treated, which is often made of metal or steel. A blast wheel is at the heart of the equipment. As soon as rotation begins, metallic abrasives or shot media are directed toward the wheel’s center. The abrasives are now accelerated and thrown in the direction of the completed or ground-down surface.
The contaminated media and pollutants are recirculated into the dust-collecting system at the end of this operation. The job of a dust collector is self-explanatory: it gathers or eliminates pulverized media, contaminants, or dust. Any fresh media is returned to the hopper where it was first kept so that the particles might be reused in the future.

Shot Blasting Process

Shot Blasting is the process of cleaning a surface such as iron, steel, cast-iron parts, forgings, iron bars, and automotive parts. It cleans the surface by blasting abrasive material such as steel shots or steel grits at very high velocity. The machine uses a high-speed rotating disc to generate a centrifugal force to blast abrasive material. Shot blasting machine is also used to change the mechanical qualities of different components, such as springs, gears, and so on.

Benefits of Gas Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

  • The major function of the machine is to polish the surface of the metal or to clean the exterior wall of LPG, CNC, and GAS cylinders.
  • Removing rust and oxide to improve the surface condition of bottles and cylinders.
  • Removing casting sands, cores, and previous paint to improve paint adhesion.
  • It can be used alone or in conjunction with other devices to create a gas cylinder production line strength. Wheel blasting and air blasting are two additional current solutions for keeping your goods clean with little effort.
  • Shot blasting is economical and time-saving, and the abrasive substance is reusable, making shot blasting incredibly cost-effective.
  • Cleans and smoothes a metal surface without causing any damage to it.
  • It is less expensive to use and more environmentally friendly than sandblasting since it creates less dust.
  • This machine prepares a surface for coating treatments for cylinders.
  • Smoothes a rough surface and effectively roughens a smooth surface.

Factors influencing the shot blasting machine process and its efficacy include:

  • The condition of the surface or metal component that has to be cleaned, as well as the impurities that have accumulated on the surface and must be removed.
  • The abrasive is used to treat the surface and its velocity.
  • Working process of the shot blasting machine.
  • The abrasive size.
  • The abrasive material’s hardness.
  • The level of humidity and temperature as metal surfaces are prone to oxidation when exposed to the environment.

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