What Are The Applications Of Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot blasting covers a huge application area; it comes from industrial usage and boils down to a residential workup. The equipment has a huge potential because of the strong compressive friction and treatment results. The equipment is laced with a huge rotor that gives the projectile power and compression on the given surface, and the result is accurate, fast, and cost-effective.

Owing to the cost of the raw materials or shot blasts, as per the experts of Hanger Type Shot Blasting  Machine this mechanism is quick and reliable compared to manual labor. The shot-blasting equipment can be carried to the workplace for performing various tasks in a very useful way.

Different fields where hanger type shot blasting is the first choice for the performance are mentioned here:

Large scale industries

India is one of the major hubs of mechanical and engineering industrial growth; some parts always need regular cleaning, from rust protection to corrosion. Huge equipment, shipping shafts, different engine parts, and heavy materials are cleaned frequently using blasting machines to avoid chipping the materials and protect them against any environmental degradation or rusting. It is the only reason why hanger type shot blasting machine suppliers in India suggests that these machines can be used in large-scale industry.

Harsh treatment

Ships are prone to climate change by salt ratio and chlorinated compounds. To remove chlorine from all the metallic layers, short blasting comes as a useful tool for mechanical engine parts to ship decks. Some mechanical engine parts need cleansing and are generally upgraded to remove the hard stains, corrosion bubbles, and oil easily from all the surface areas.

Soft metal polish

Short blasting is one of the best ways to clean the system because it can treat different materials tactfully as per the given requirement. Softer or light gauge materials can be effectively polished using walnut shells or corn cobbs. The media does not even tear the surface and gives amazing relief to the area, which is intended for polishing.

Wooden treatment

A smooth texture can be attained with light shots of organic food materials for doors, windows, or wooden thresholds. Acrylic media is a soft plastic abrasive which can be easily done to the aircraft material.


In short, you can say that the shot blasting machine is a true friend for all industrial workplaces. The forceful rubbing of these small balls against the area forms compression and chips of all the rust. These days short blasting has become completely famous because of several reasons as every metal industry uses the short blasting technique as it is faster and more effective to remove rust and stain from paints. If you’re looking for the best shot-blasting machine, choose Surface International today which is the best hanger type shot blasting manufacturers in India.