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How Rotary Barrel Type Shot Blasting Machine Helps With Top-Notch Cleanliness

Surface International is one of the leading companies that manufacturers and suppliers automatic and manual machines. We have different types of machine-like air blasting, wheel blasting, booth type, and portable type machines. We are Rotary barrel type shot blasting machine manufacturer. We manufacture this machine as this is very useful in Cleaning different small size Metal and alloy parts. We deliver this barrel-type shot blasting machine at an affordable price. We believe that cleaning purposes must in each of the industry.

Rotary Barrel Type Shot Blasting Machine : Equipped with latest technology!!

Each of the machinery and industry requires proper and deep cleaning. But cleaning huge machinery is not possible with manual affords. So, we have constructed highly specific cleaning machines which will clean all of these small size iron, alloy and heat-treated parts with non-ferrous casting.Our Shoot blasting machines are considered useful because they help want to remove the contaminants from the surface. Our machinery also improves the finishing of the surface.

Details Of Product

Core competence of the product – Easy to clean small size metals and alloys.

We design our machine which flow out all the dirt from the surface in a particular direction. Our barrel type machine requires low maintenance and minimum operational workers. We have built this cleaning machinery with low maintenance cost. We supply are manufactured machine with all the care and we deliver a machine which works with high-performance level. We have developed this machine with an automated control system. 

The machine itself has a safe and healthy blasting job and design as its controller is built into its body. We are automated and electronic timer Rotary barrel type shot blasting machines suppliers in India the most effective throwing unit of this blasted machine is its blast wheel.

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Details Of Rotary Barrel Type Shot Blasting Machine

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Excellent performance efficiency
  • Long lasting performance with the best quality material used
  • Competitive prices
  • Continuous guidance
  • It is used to clean, fortify or shine the metal.
  • Every metal used industry used this machine for small size iron, steel, alloy, and heat-treated parts, pressing, non-ferrous casting, forging.
  • This machine is mostly and widely used for aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail manufacture.
  • More manufacture at the lowest time, low cost and low electricity consumption with a minimum shot load of 20 kilograms.