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Super Blaster Machine functions on the suction law that is founded on lifting abrasive factors to blasting guns. High Pressure compressed air while inserted through the venturi creates the suction on the side of air injection. This suction pressure is governed to lift abrasives that combine with the high velocity of compressed air for producing soft blasting.

These Wet Blasting Machine Manufacturers In India have employed this machine for glass bead blasting and alumina blasting of soft metals such as roughening of stones, die-casting of aluminum, and engraving on glasses. Suction blast machines have many standard and special-sized machines available for selection.The simplest and most effective way to diminish corrosion and old paint is the suction blaster. A suction blaster is a dust-free and clean sandblaster that removes all the dust from the surface and is nicely prepared for filling, painting, etc. After perfectly setting up the cabinet and the power module, the cabinet is prepared for the procedure by actuation of the foot pedal.After pushing the foot pedal, air flows through the blast gun. Air streaming through the gun draws channels into the blast gun mixing chamber.

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The media mixes with the air and is propelled out the nozzle. After striking the object being blasted, the blast media, along with fines and all the dust particles and byproducts developed by blasting, fall through the glass into the cabinet hopper. These components are brought into the reclaimer for alienation.

Firstly, all the dust and fines are cleansed from the reusable blast media. After doing so, the media is screened of excess particles and returned to the reclaimer into the dust collector that catches the dust and discharges the clean air. The blasting stops completely when the foot pedal is released. Without researching properly about the Wet Blasting Machine  suppliers, you shouldn’t proceed. There is a great use of this machine for assuring a genuinely satisfying surface completion access to several substances and this is where a genuine supplier comes in play.

Details Of Product

Specifications Of Wet Blasting Machine

  • High strength
  • Easy to operate
  • Long working life
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Blasting hose
  • Operating air pressure
  • Compressor
  • Dust Collector
  • Dust Collector motor
  • Suitable lifting door
  • Engine rebuilding
  • For decorative or functional purposes
  • Automotive overhaul
  • Hole cleaning for printed circuit boards