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At surface international, we offer portable and highly efficient dust-free abrasives media. Abrasive blasting equipment with high vacuum and efficient separation bring out the best cleaning process. We are the most prominent vacuum grit blasting machines suppliers. Vacuum grit blasting machines are highly useful as these are automotive and do not allow the dust to fly in the open environment. There is a dust collector which collects all the fine particles of grit into it. We are the widest supplier for different blasting machines.

Working of vacuum grit blasting machine

Our manufactured vacuum grit blasting machine does not allow any of the great particles or hazardous particles to move open into the environmental air. The vacuum technology will suck all of the dust particles and keep the abrasives away from the natural air.  We are the vacuum grit blasting machine manufacturers in India which gives high performance at each workstation.

Details Of Product

Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

Many times for people it becomes difficult to choose the most appropriate blasting machine as each of our blasting machines serves the purpose of cleaning. But we at surface international believe only in constructing Eco-friendly machines. All the blasting machines available in the market are not good for the environment so we keep the purpose of eco-friendly design in a mind and builds or construct each of the blasting machines with environmental legislation.

Many times cleaning the used machinery which works on surface texturing or polishing or grit industries gives health issues to the workers. But we have made our vacuum grit blasting machine with high quality and outstanding performance. Now the cleaning process has become safe and hazards free for health.

Details Of Product

Details Of Vacuum grit Blasting Machine

  • Compact design
  • Versatile and firm performance
  • User flexibility to clean components
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance
  • User-friendly operations
  • Precisely engineered
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Completely justified way to surface preparation
  • Used for cleaning as well as keeping a check on health and environmental issues
  • Construction and maintenance of machinery, bridges, ships, power plants etc.
  • Renovation of concrete
  • Used for shipbuilding, steel, chemical industries, civil sector works like tunnels, buildings etc.