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Cleaning machines are required in different shapes and sizes in every industry. And to fulfill each of the demands Surface International is always ready to supply and manufacturer your desired machine. Each of the machinery which we manufacture is highly efficient and easy to operate. We are the automated stripe or rod cleaning machines supplier. Our strip cleaning machines perform better than surface cleaning and we provide these best performing machines at reliable and economical rates. Our machinery is inbuilt with multiple blast wheels.

Whenever machinery is started, perform or the function of cleaning with efficient efforts which have been driven by automated motors. The adjustment of speed is easy as per the requirement. As per the blast stream steel strips pee is used to treat the surface cleaning.To meet all the production requirements we are available with the best rod or strike cleaning machines manufacturers in India.


Details Of Product

Application Of Cleaning Machine

Many of the factory finds are difficult to clean the stripes of carbon, steel, rod and alloy. We consider this is a tricky task but for this task, we have introduced a stripe or rod cleaning machine at surface international.  We have manufactured cleaning machine with some specific features which will give great application different surface.

  • Its required low space.
  • A dry air blast is necessary to maintain the functionality of the sandblasting system.
  • Built with top quality machine and gives high operational efficiency.
  • Advance dust collection method.
  • Different adjustments are available to adopt width of strip.

Details Of Product

Specifications Of Strip | Rod Cleaning Machine

  • High operational efficiency
  • Easy strip width adaptation
  • Low space requirements
  • Profoundly efficient, durable and reliable
  • Robust body part
  • Top quality material used
  • Maximum exploitation of power for best outcomes
  • The superlative dust collection method