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Surface International is one of the prominent companies which provide the best and eco-friendly surface preparation technology. We are the stone blasting machine manufacturer which is extremely useful in generating matte finish and texture effects on the surface of the stone. Textured stones are used at a lot many places and we prepare machines for all kinds of texture effects. The quality of our machine is high. It’s durable and gives optimum functioning. Roughing of stone, marble slabs, and granite is carried out by using our airless blasting machines. The machine which we manufacture has automated loading and unloading features.

The roughness or finish on this stone is carried out by the speed of the conveyor or the speed of the blast wheel. The complete process of utilising our machinery is controlled by the cubicle control panel. To control panel have a limit regarding load protection and short circuit with suitable capacity.There are a lot many benefits of our blasting technology and machinery.

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Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

The blasting processing which we have developed involves high-pressure, constant flow rate, speed and pressure of abrasive elements. These all can be restrained according to the desired final effect which is being demanded on the stone surface.

We are the most prominent stone blasting Machines Supplier in India. Our company have achieved successive growth in manufacturing extensively demanded construction industry machinery. The machine which we prepare at Surface international, for different construction purpose is reliable and prepared by skilful and professional engineers. Different kinds of stones like natural stones, Marvel and stone slabs can be prepared or textured using our supplied blasting machines.

Details Of Product

Detail Of Stone Blasting Machine

  • The fine dust collector system
  • Instant performance
  • Quality intact
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Widely used to blast granite, marble, sandstone etc.
  • Used to roughening the surface of several components.
  • Extensively used in marble and stone industries
  • Produce rough texture to give a unique look to the marble & stone