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Pressure Sand Blasting Machine is a very useful machine. We at surface international optimized for its efficiency with the useful tank which we maintain a minimum pressure of 100 PSI. By using our manufactured pressure blasting machine you can minimize the cleaning time in your project. Using significant pressure for cleaning will save a lot many times.  There are different prices available in the market for pressures and blasting machines. But we offer a pocket-friendly budget to buy and optimum and highly efficient pressures and blasting machines from surface international. We ensure you about the safe delivery and supply of your required machine.

Working Of Pressure Sand Blasting Machine

We develop a pressure sandblast machine to eradicate the dust from the environment and the surface of different machines. We are Pressure Sand Blasting Machine Suppliers that provide high velocity and a Sandblast gun together to exit the sand from the surface. We built a heavy compressor with air pressure over 120-150 psi.

Details Of Product

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Our manufactured pressure sandblast machines works similar to abrasive blasting. This process is useful for surface finishing which is done by keeping used of powered machines. We have been in-corrupted an air compressor and sand blasting machine which abrasion particles under high pressure.

Our company goal is to provide high quality and A-class material machines to every industry we at surface international belt machine which will help our client to remove paint, rust and any kind of Polish from the surface with the help of a pressure sandblast machine. We are a well-established supplier and pressure sandblasting machines manufacturer in India of high-quality pressure sandblasting machines.

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Details Of Pressure sand Blasting Machine

  • Low water discharge
  • High pressure
  • Reciprocating Pumps
  • Triplex Plunger
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Sandblasting
  • Building washing
  • Car washing
  • Heavy vehicles washing