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Surface International is one of the verified plate / Structure cleaning machine suppliers. Our manufactured machine has electrical and automated driven wheels for thorough cleaning. Our machinery consists of multiple centrifugal blast wheels to carry out convenient cleaning of different parts required in an industry. Our manufactured machines are automated and have a lot many benefits in the industries. We introduced machinery that will increase the automation rate and it also eliminates the pickling process. This machine will help to dispose of the acid waste easily.

We have manufactured heavy cleaning machines to make the common issue of most of the factories or industries which they face in cleaning heavy and persistent parts of some machines. Cleaning is important in each of the industries as the accumulation of dust can affect the performance of in machine. The best solution is at surface international as we have different machines to carry out thorough cleaning in efficient time.


Details Of Product

After installation benefit of plate or structure cleaning machine

There are abundant benefits of installing structural cleaning machine at a site. With our machine the production rate will automatically boost up, because this machine will dispose of the acid waste and it also eliminates the pickling process. This machine is being one of the most convenient and commendable introduction with automated effects.  Our machinery will lower down the expenses which one has to invest in cleaning. Our machinery is safe and easy to operate.

Plate or structure cleaning machines are the best option for carrying out a thorough cleaning and we are plate/ structure cleaning machine manufacturers in India.

Details Of Product

Details Of Plate | Structure Cleaning Machine

  • Low energy consumption
  • Improved performance
  • Increased line speed
  • Robust Construction
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Longer Service Life
  • Less Maintenance Required
  • Fully Automated Machine
  • Cost Effective
  • Used for cleaning of different shape & sized plates and structures
  • Best for steel structures such as rounds, channels, beams, angles, plates, automobile structures, pre-fabricated sections etc.
  • Used to hike up performance level of structures and plates which otherwise become useless for manufacturing purposes