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We believe that cleaning is a major task in each of the industries. For cleaning purposes somewhere we require the use of machinery and we at Surface International produced high-quality pipe shot deep cleaning machines. Our pipe blasting machines which are used on inner and outer surfaces for the treatment of internal pipe are available in different sizes for various construction purposes. We are the top pipe shot blasting machine manufacturer. Our blasting machines are automated which are highly usable for surface profiling and dust removal.

Use of pipe blasting machine

The main purpose of using pipe blasting machine of our industry is for cleaning chambers. We recommend that clear all the pipes before use for adequate coating purposes. Our machine is incorporated with multiple blast wheels.Our machine is propelled by motors and this you can obtain even finishing to the complete surface of road or pipe. For uniform cleaning to pipes or any kind of rod our produced machine is most convenient. For the entire pipe and rod surface, we provide proper Polish and band.

Details Of Product

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By using our supplied Pipe blasting machine each of the construction industry or any industry can bring out intense cleaning of each of the pipes which are being used for gas, oil or water supplies. We are the pipe shot blasting machines supplier in India.

To collect the entire removed contaminant and dust particle our machine have a bucket elevator and have a collector system. Dust removal and dust collector systems in our machinery work altogether. A rotary screen compartment and an air wash are also introduced in our supplied plastic machine.

Details Of Product

Details Of Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

  • High operational efficiency
  • Low maintenance of machine required
  • Guaranteed long-lasting performance
  • Consistent output throughout the life
  • Used for processing of round bars, gas steel bottles, pipes & tubes, round sections, cylindrical elements and many more
  • Applied for the easy and quick cutting process with a clean surface
  • Surface protective applications become durable with a coating, and painting
  • Thorough cleaning of used or new pipes