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Surface International is one of the leading companies for manufacturing modern machines and traditional machines. We have a lot of money high performing sandblasting systems and dust Collectors.  We have extensively Potential and a high-quality index satellite table type machine. The use of an index satellite table type machine is to free the operator of a machine from its workload. We are the indexing satellite table type machine manufacturers. Our machine is made up of engine disk, gears, shaft, brake and clutch is and bombshells.

Application of indexing satellite table type machine

Our indexing table type machinery is highly useful in defence and automotive factories. Its application is valuable in the aerospace industry also. For smooth and better performance our expert and machine engineers update the technology and machine with each of the new techniques.Our machine rotates the working piece through a fixed position in a blasting machine.

Details Of Product

Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

Each of the parts which rotate within the structure of our machine does not touch each other period so this machine is convenient for users and has a durable feature.  We built have satellite table type machine with multiple satellite tables so that it brings out high-performance operations with excellent upshots.

To promote the loading and unloading of all the elements on the satellite table our engineers built a blast cabinet which is attached to the machine indexing table. We are the best indexing satellite table type machine supplier in India. Our machinery is very useful for the operator, as using this machine operator just helps to look into the loading and unloading material and nothing else.

Details Of Product

Specifications Of Indexing Satellite Table Type Machine

  • Variable speed rotations as per the requirement
  • User-friendly operations
  • Creates a completely integrated manufacturing cells
  • Excellent operational efficiency
  • Long lasting performance