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Surface International is one of the reliable and leading manufacturers and suppliers of short penning machines. Indexing Hanger Type Shot Peening Machine suppliers are one of the useful machinery to modify mechanical properties and one workstation. We are the supplier of indexing hanger type shot peening machine with the purpose to give a usable finishing to metal parts which will prevent fatigue and corrosive stress failure to provide longer and safe life to the machine parts.

The peening process is important for the surface as this process enhances the working efficiency of a component by deliberate deformations. We focus on the surface to give it up to the most suitable formation for efficient working in the planning process but the surface tends to expand during the Peening process but our machinery prevents the expansion of the surface successfully.


Details Of Product

The usefulness of a shot peening machine

We produce the complete hanger machine with high-quality material. With our machinery and industrial workers will get a chance to enhance the work ability of various parts and components like turbine blades steering knuckles, gears, connecting roads, coil springs and many more components.

To serve multiple services per purpose by a single machine we have built an automated loading-unloading station, blast wheels, Airways stations and motor and many more components which will automatically and ultimately serve different purposes. We are the indexing hangar type shot peening machines manufacturers in India with exquisite steel quality. Surface international gives a guarantee to each of its clients for the high performance working of their manufactured machines. Quality outcomes are our motive with each of our engineered machines.

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Details Of Indexing Hanger Type Shot Peening Machine

  • Everlasting performance
  • Less maintenance required
  • Competitive prices
  • Firmly constructed
  • Safe to operate
  • Advanced technology
  • Quality material
  • Best suitable for aerospace and automotive industries
  • Used for shot peening of several components like gear shafts, axles, big gears, crankshafts, etc.
  • Cleaning and peening applications