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Surface International is one of the advanced and leading companies to construct and sell blasting machines. We have a range of blasting machines and dust collectors. Our company is famous for its eco-friendly machine designs. If you need an integrated blasting machine that can be carried out internal and external cleaning at a time then our office workers have the best option for you. We are the Manufacturers and external and internal blasting machines suppliers. The cleaning process of the cylindrical surface from inside and outside sometimes becomes quite intimidating. But are manufactured machine will help you to solve this issue accurately.

The safety measures which we have built in our blasting machine are commendable. Each of the industries can effectively level up the working efficiency of their machine by using our blasting machine technology. Our machine is available in different sizes as per the need of one industry. We only believe in top quality materials and we supply only the finest quality of machines to each of our customers.

Details Of Product

The usefulness of external and internal blasting machine

At our company, you will get all sorts of machines which you required to fulfil your various purposes. Our external and internal blasting machines can serve multiple purposes at one time. To collect all the removed dust from the working pieces our engineers have built dust collectors in both the external and internal parts. We are the internal-external blasting machines manufacturers in India to keep your industry and your workspace tide. To enhance the efficiency of each of the machinery part we will clean and boost the working of each of the factory with our machines.

Details Of Product

Details Of External & Internal Blasting Machine

  • Sturdy construction
  • Finest quality machine
  • Available in different sizes
  • Primarily used for in-depth cleaning of spools, wind towers, steel pipes, bending pipes, and alike items, externally and internally
  • Carry out the blasting operations in the finest way