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Shot blasting machines are of different designs and shapes. Surface International is one of the leading companies that are the Continuous conveyor hanger type machine supplier. Utility of our machine is too and hence the overhead cleaning for a wide spectrum of works pieces and size. We have manufactured are continuous conveyor shot blast machine with flexible transport technology. We have introduced efficient blast wheels which give effective cleaning and will help every industry to save their time. We are available with multiple options of blast machines with a lot of many variations.

Application of continuous conveyor hanger machine
  • Our machinery is very useful in removing frauds skill and rust which is being accumulated on the machine parts and different areas.
  • We built our cleaning machines with anti-corrosive material. And this effect gives longer life and efficient working capacities to our machinery.
  • To increase surface toughness.

Details Of Product

Latest Technology & Modern Machinery.

Our expert team has built a specific blast chamber to operate automatic function in the machine. To complete the cleaning process there are different buckles in the blast chamber on which the machine part automatically rotates and stops at different workpieces. Our in-built features and continuous conveyor machine help to achieve complete coverage.

The main purpose of a complete coverage is only possible with specific rotation and oscillation and thus we have the solution to reach at the hardest part or the surface with a conveyor machine. Surface International is a supplier and we are continuous conveyor hanger type machine manufacturers in India to reach each of the complex operating pieces with ease. We provide safe and accurate treatment as per the one industry wants.

Details Of Product

Specifications Of Continuous Conveyor Hanger Type Machine

  • Top quality blast wheels
  • Multiple variants and sizes available
  • Versatile transport technology
  • Superlative design
  • Firm construction
  • Capable to carry components of different sizes and shapes