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Reliable Blast Room System Manufacturers in India

Blast Room Systems

We are one of the leading corporations which are working on surface preparation technology. We offer a reliable and detailed range of wheel blasting, air blasting, dust collector, sandblasting, and many more solution. We are the blast room system Manufacturer in Dubai. We believe that technology should be reached to every industry to make their works convenient and sophisticated. Our manufactured blast room systems have an abrasive recovery system and recycle station.

Application And Design Of Blast Room System

We built a metallic, steel materials blasting room. Each of our blast room systems is derived by electricity. We provide environment-friendly machines to collect dust or contaminants.  We have built the main features of the classroom system inside the room which will operate its functioning during the blasting process within the boundaries. There are protective layers that will protect the operator from abrasive impact.

Details Of Product

Blast Room System - Modern Technology & Machinery

The incorporated helmet will provide sufficient fresh air ventilation. Our manufactured machines as highly useful before painting and thermal spray as they will collect all the contaminants or dust from a compartment.

We are the manufacturers of automated abrasive recovery systems and thus automated blast room system manufacturer in Dubai. Our machine is useful for cleaning big size or medium size steel structures like wind turbines and towers sections.  There are a lot many huge size steel structures with which need cleaning and for those structures blast room systems are perfect. Our manufactured blast room Systems could reach the place which is hard to access as we have inbuilt flexibility in our machine.

Details Of Product

Specifications Of Blast Room System

  • Proper illumination for inspection
  • Complete protection to enclosure walls
  • Proper ventilation and dust collection
  • Variety of sizes
  • Firm construction
  • Long lasting performance
  • High operational efficiency
  • Safe to use