Shot Blasting Machine – Working and Advantages

Shot blasting machine  is a mechanical method used to modify a surface’s appearance—shot blasting functions as a post-production finishing operation in the investment casting process. An abrasive material is slammed against the surface of investment castings at high speed. It is designed to clean a wide range of materials by eliminating contaminants. Compared to filing, this method of removing residual flash from investment castings is quicker and more effective.

The process of shot blasting is one of the cold treatments. Shot blasting and shot peening are two distinct processes. Shot machine manufactured by Shot blasting machine manufactures in India aims to improve the aesthetic quality of a workpiece by removing surface oxide and other contaminants, which results in a surface that has a specific level of roughness. Improve the workpiece’s durability and aesthetics by switching welding tensile stress to compressive stress.

Functionality Of Shot Blasting Machine

  • Remove burrs, scale, and rust that could compromise the strength, appearance, or definition of investment castings;
  • Prevent plastic deformation, fatigue failure, and brittle fracture;
  • Increase the fatigue fracture resistance of materials/parts;
  • Lengthen the fatigue life.
  • Clean the surface of investment castings, so they are ready to be coated.
  • To improve coating adhesion, you should contour the surface.
  • Apply surface compressive pressures to improve fatigue life, boost strength, or forestall fretting in castings.
  • After a casting has undergone heat treatment, any oxidation or scale that may have accumulated can be removed by blasting it with a shot.

Several variables affect the final appearance of the shot-blasted surface: the abrasive particles’ mass, velocity, impactor angle, shape, density, and stroke coverage expressed in kilogrammes per square metre (kg/m2).

Depending on the abrasive’s thickness, the shot blast’s duration, and the air pressure, the projectile’s linear velocity can be altered.

Advantages Of Shot Blasting Machine

  • The casting can be descaling level according to the intended use.
  • Closed operation, no dust;
  • Fast speed, high work efficiency, and consistent quality;
  • Steel plates thicker than 5mm, wide flat steel, and section steel are all suitable;

Applications Of Shot Blasting Machine

Industries such as automobile production, metalworking, foundries, aviation, shipbuilding, and the fabrication of a wide range of welded structures.

Highly effective and capable of being performed in an enclosed space, shot blasting has several applications. Automatic painting and vacuuming equipment make for a streamlined assembly process.

Depending on the conditions, oxidation can happen during any heat-treating processes for investment castings, including annealing, normalising, hardening, and tempering. Shot blasting machine can easily remove this surface oxidation, making subsequent processes like machining less laborious. It is also used in surface preparation for operations like welding, painting, etc.


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