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Surface International is one of the leading companies for abrasive media machine supply and manufacturing processes. We are Portable Sand Blasting Machine Suppliers which could be used for abrasive blasting and for the finishing process. By using our machine one can operate the finishing process successfully on glass, metal, plastic, and stones. Our machinery is safe and highly productive. The design of the machine which we manufactured is of wide range and its function is highly useful. Deburring, polishing, cleaning, and stress relieving are the main functions of our introduced machine for abrasive and blasting purposes.

Uses of portable sandblasting machine

The portable sand basting machine which we develop can be effectively used for surface cleaning and surface polishing. Our machine could be used for cleaning stainless steel, for paint removal, aluminium sheet cleaning, pipe cleaning and it could also clean different types of and it could also clean different types of metal surfaces. We have built a portable sandblasting machine to make the cleaning process sophisticated.

Details Of Product

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We are manufacturing sandblasting machines at cheap prices. A portable sandblasting machine is very useful in ship cleaning, metal sheet cleaning, oil and gas and automotive spare part cleaning. Different tools and structures could be cleaned by using our portable sandblasting machine. Our manufactured portable sandblasting machine has 50 kgs of tank capacity.

We use the toughest steel sheets to manufacture portable sandblasting machines. To make the abrasive working easy, we have manufactured a suitable and simple design that will give high durability to the blasting machine. We are the reliable and top Portable Sand Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India.

Details Of Product

Details Of Portable Sand Blasting Machine

  • Mechanical seal
  • Safe and huge check access and to get easy core tank access
  • A durable cast iron exhaust regulator
  • Pressure-Release far-flung manage scheme
  • Movable with mounted wheels for any location or job site
  • Low weight
  • Smooth in functioning
  • Powerful Performance
  • To convert the glass materials into pieces
  • To convert plastic and other synthetic materials
  • It works for the ceramics and other heavy metals